I purchased a new 7712 Pipe Top trailer at the beginning of the year. When I bought the trailer, the salesman told me I would be happy with it. Now that I have it, I can't go a week without a "friend", family member, or neighbor asking me to "haul this", or "help me go pick up that".  Do you know how many people in my neighborhood are buying playground sets?  And now that spring is coming they are asking me if they can "go in" with me to get bulk mulch!  What am I, a part-time landscaper?!?!  This is YOUR FAULT!!! I actually bought this thing to haul my new side-by-side.  Poor "Old Red" wasn't long enough. My FOXTRAIL tows so well and smooth and light that I forget it's back there. Then WHAM!! I glance in my rearview mirror and all I see is my side-by-side's headlights!  It scares the hell out of me!  Why can't you make a trailer that sways, rattles,  pulls heavy and constantly reminds me that it's looming behind me and trying to change lanes without permission? I don't know how you people can sell a trailer that looks so good and tows so well!  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! Sure, my old red trailer had some rust and maybe a split board or three, and yeah it had a bent axle, but that way I knew it was always back there.  It rattled and bounced over every bump in the road.  None of my family, friends or neighbors one trusted it to even haul their trash cans. It was a nice time back then when I had peace and solitude. But not anymore. I now know all my neighbors, have spent time with my crazy brother-in-law hauling wood for his basement remodel, and have already been roped into saving the delivery fee on new furniture - in my own house! EVEN MY WIFE IS CORRUPTED!!! It's too late for me, I now own this abomination, and will keep it if only to keep one person from being subjected to this horrible affliction. But for the love of all things Holy, lower the quality of your trailer so others like me can continue a life of living a quiet, lonely life of angrily towing wobbly, weak, noisy, ugly trailers!!
- Brian D
Couldn’t ask for better people. These guys drove 15 hours round trip to make sure I received my trailer on the promise date. Awesome people and awesome trailers. Thank you again.
- Michelle L
Another bada$$ shiny new trailer. Thank you to FOXTRAIL for the quality you put into these trailers!
- Kyle S.
Great Trailers, well built with great quality! Pulled my new 26' enclosed 4k miles like it wasn't even behind me! Thank you!
- Jimmy W.
Great trailers! I have a dump trailer, and have had nothing but perfect luck with it. if they offered stock trailers I'd have one of them also!
- Landon W.
I purchased the 7712 -SS and love it. I've always purchased the cheap Carry On trailers and this one was not made cheap by any means. The gate works just like advertised and the trailer pulls great.
- Warren M.
I recently purchased a FOXTRAIL trailer from a local dealer not far from me and we are absolutely pleased with it. Sealed the deck and have even used it already. I couldn't be more thrilled with everything from our initial office visit, to pick up. The only thing I have bad to say is that we did not purchase one with LED lights, and somehow one of our lights busted, so we had to replace it. Definitely recommend spending a little extra for the better lights.
- Lacy W.
Have had my FOXTRAIL trailer for several months now and most of my friends get more use out of it than I do but it has been nothing but good to me.
- Brian G.
Love my SS-7712. Hauls my tractor beautifully! Pulls the same today as it did first day, which was several months and many pulls ago! 
- J.R. Carsten
I’ve always had ****** trailers for my hotshot Business until a friend let me borrow his FOXTRAIL gooseneck, it’s by far that is the best built trailer on the market! My company is in the process of buying our very first 35-foot Bruteforce FOXTRAIL trailer. I personally own the bumper pull FOXTRAIL and I get lots of compliments! Great company, great warranty, great trailers. FOXTRAIL Trailers, you guys are amazing, keep up the good work! I even have your decal on my Dually truck I’d love to have a size XL please to go with my rig!
- Josh Champion
I purchased a used 7×10 FOXTRAIL utility trailer with a 5000lb axle. This is one of the best purchases I have made in my life! I spent marginally more than what I would have had to pay for the “light” utility trailers at some of the box stores and it is built 10 times better!! I could not be happier with the quality of the product. As they say “buy nice or buy twice”…truer words have not been spoken.
- Tom Thone